North Georgia Wine Highway Week 2020

If you’re in the area of Helen or Dahlonega Georgia between now and the end of August, you still have time to get in a few sips of wine during Georgia Wine Highway Week. This year 23 wineries are participating in the annual event which was rescheduled from June to August due to reopening after... Continue Reading →

San Sebastian Winery Offers History and Fun in St. Augustine

Long before William Shakespeare was born, French Huguenots and Spanish monks were making wine in Florida. Today, like those pioneers who came before them, the winemakers at San Sebastian Winery carry on a tradition that is over 450 years old. Using native Muscadine grapes, and more recently developed Florida hybrids, they craft their wines using... Continue Reading →

Visit These Wineries in Myrtle Beach to Get a Taste of South Carolina Wine

Not known for its vintages, South Carolina is nevertheless one of a growing number of southern states where wine is made at more than a dozen wineries scattered across the state. Most of these wineries are in the upcountry north of Greenville and Spartanburg, but several have opened on or near the coast offering wine... Continue Reading →

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