DeLuna Wines’ Tasting Room Now Open

It was long in coming, but worth the wait. DeLuna Wines in Pensacola is now open to the public for tasting and relaxing. After focusing for the past several years on distribution throughout the state, the winery has come home to roost with plenty of wine production and event space in its 25,000-square foot facility.

Taking its cue from local historical figure Tristan de Luna, the winery has combined history and fun in its marketing. Spanish Explorers, pirates, and mermaids are featured on DeLuna’s labels and the wines themselves are fun and different. Strawberry Kiwi, cherry, and pomegranate are just some of the flavors. Then, mix them with vodka or peach schnapps and, voila – you have America’s first cocktail wine.

There’s more to come from this wine destination, for sure.

Tasting Room Open!


Friday 12–4PM

Saturday 12–5PM

Sunday Closed

Monday 12–4PM

Tuesday 12–4PM 

Wednesday 12–4PM

Thursday 12–4PM


116 E. Gonzalez St.
Pensacola, FL 32501

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