Ocala Winery on the Move

Outgrowing your space can be a good thing. For Katya Vineyards, expansion means even more room for the creative fun they have come to represent in downtown Ocala.

Open less than a year, the family-owned boutique winery has created quite a stir in Ocala’s food and wine scene. Owner David Sokol as Dr. Wine periodically presents fun and informative wine classes along with the winery’s daily wine tastings. Patricia and Katherine keep things running smoothly and handle all the winery’s marketing.

Only a few months after opening, Katya Vineyards began featuring Chef Tony Deras from the trendy Tavern on the Square in weekly food and wine parings. The popularity of the event created a demand for more, so Katya decided to install Chef Tony in a new kitchen on a permanent basis.


Next week Katya Vineyards will reopen with a new kitchen and a new schedule of food and wine tasting events. Chef Tony is sure to have some delicious and beautiful creations to please both the eye and the palate, so be sure and make reservations.

Happy Wine Trails! 


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