Work Zone – Wine Book in Progress!

Writing a book takes a while, especially if you are writing a travel guide. First, you have to travel.

Research means being on the road, interviewing and seeing first hand the people, places, and events that shape your book. You take hundreds of photographs, most of them destined for the delete button. You tape conversations (yes, some of us still use old technology – it’s a habit).  You look for the off the beaten path experiences to share with your readers. That’s the fun part.


You’ll visit Florida’s oldest continuously-operated U. S. Post Office.


Then you have to go back to the office and actually write it. That’s the work part. Sometimes the words flow easily. You write feverishly for an unknown period of time, because, when you’re in the zone, there is no time, or space, or dinner hour. Then you sit back and admire your own genius,

Sometimes, you open a vein and try to squeeze words out between the drops of blood. This is when you sit back and think, whose idea was this anyway?

Writing a book is time consuming, exhausting, totally irrational, and a heck of a lot of fun!


You’ll travel Way Down Upon the Suwannee River.


Once you reach the end, that’s just the beginning. Now it’s time to market. See all those authors out there on TV shows? They are selling their books. It doesn’t matter if your agent gets you a fantastic deal with the top publishing house in the country. Whether it’s that or print on demand, you have to hit the book trail. Publishers expect you to sell your own book. So, I’m hitting the book trail.

The official publication date for Florida Wine Country Guide to Northern Wineries has been set. The last proofing is in progress. We are go for launch.

In the coming weeks you’ll hopefully hear a lot about Florida Wine Country. We are setting up radio and TV interviews, contacting the press, and getting the word out about the only travel guide to the vineyards and wineries of Florida.

Inside you’ll find a complete list of Florida wineries, with the focus on the region between St. Augustine and Pensacola. In addition to in- depth interviews with the winemakers, there are places to go, things to do, listings of bed and breakfast inns, fun places to eat and more, everything you need to create your own weekend getaway or complete vacation.


You can go Kayaking at Silver Springs State Park.


We’ll be letting you know when the book is available for purchase. First it will only be available at the wineries, but soon it will be in bookstores, libraries, and on, so there’s no excuse for not getting yourself a copy.

So, get ready to enjoy a Florida Wine trail experience. To read more about the book, click here.

Safe Travels!

PS: Florida Wine Country Guide to Northern Wineries is now available from the Publisher. Click here to order!


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